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Travel Information for WWWC Weekends

What to Bring, What to Leave at Home

WWWC Weekend Schedule

WWWC Travel n Sisterhood Time

Weekend Staff Guidelines 2020

WWWC Staff Selection 2020

WWWC Theological Presuppositions

EUROPE What to Bring, What to Leave

Europe Privacy Policy

Weekend Ablauf (Europa)

AHPT Connections

AHPT Email (generic)

EUROPE What to Bring, What to Leave (revised)

AHPT Leader Guidelines

WWWC Weekend Staff Guidelines 2019

Staff Selection Process & Staff Roles 2019

May2019 PA Weekend Staff Assignments


RoundUp App Brochure

24-hr Day of Prayer outline

Coronavirus Official Statement 3/11/20

Psalm 91 and angel wing blog activity

Day of Prayer April 2020 Lyric Sheet

WWWC 2021 Covid Safety Overview

Covid Liability Release Form 2021

What To Bring on Weekends 2021

Altitude Sickness Information

Self-Screening Covid 2021

MMFC Live Relationship Exercises

Immanuel Journaling Worksheet

Absolute Yes exercise

Debi's Letter to Spirit Circles 1/30/21