I want to attend a Women’s Walk With Christ Weekend, but cannot afford to pay the full registration cost. Are there scholarships available?

Why don’t you have Weekends in my state/area? Is there ever a chance a Weekend will come to my area?

I am registered for a Weekend, but now, due to an emergency, I cannot attend. What do I do?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

The Weekend I wanted to attend is already full. Do you have a Waiting List?

Can I arrive early/late? Leave early/late?

I am flying in from out of town. Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?

My friend went on the Weekend and won’t tell me anything about it. How come?

My husband went on a Marked Men for Christ weekend. Is this Weekend the same as that?

Are you affiliated with any particular denomination?

Can I attend the Weekend if I am not a Christian?

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