Spirit Circle Resources


Spirit Circle Resources Page:


This page is for active members of Spirit Circles only and is available as a resource for documents necessary to participating in a Spirit Circle. The intention is that all members of a Spirit Circle can have access to the necessary documents to participate fully in their Spirit Circle. These documents are to be used expressly for the Spirit Circle(s) you attend. 


For Facilitation of Spirit Circle: Each member of a Spirit Circle should take a turn “leading” or facilitating the circle. If you don’t have access to a SC Resource Binder, you may access the PDF below.


Spirit Circle Participation Documents: The following documents are commonly used and referenced during a Spirit Circle. Feel free to view or download any documents that you need in order to more fully participate in your Spirit Circle.


General Spirit Circle Etiquette:

Spirit Circle Etiquette

Email Guidelines


Spirit Circle Contact Person:

General Responsibilities



For particular questions regarding Spirit Circles please email your regional coordinator:

Pacific/West: Kim Turner

East Coast: Christy Willard

Central: Sandra Sheih


**In accordance with our confidentiality agreement, please do not share our Spirit Circle protocols with anyone outside the Women’s Walk With Christ organization.**