These reflections were developed to encourage your continued healing and spiritual transformation as you walk with Christ. The topics follow the pattern of our Women’s Walk With Christ Weekend including: the five wounds, holiness, wisdom, mission and sisterhood. The format offers scripture, journaling, questions, music links, prayer and a section called “soul training” to encourage you to develop healthy habits in order to nurture and inspire your relationship with God.


Each reflection can be done in any order and completed in one sitting or used as a theme for a whole week. Do not rush the experience. Give yourself the gift of lingering with Jesus for in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Bless you as you embrace your healing and transformation in Christ. Invite a sister or sisters to do the reflections and share your insights over coffee!


Download or Print the Reflections PDFs below:


  • Deceit

Deceit PDF
Masks PDF


  • Fear

Fear PDF
Take Jesus’s Hand PDF


  • Anger

Anger PDF
Freedom PDF

  • Sadness

Sadness PDF
Into the Light PDF


  • Shame

Shame PDF
Beautiful Soul PDF


  • Holiness

Holiness PDF

  • Wisdom

Wisdom PDF 



  • Mission

In Mission PDF


  • Walking With Christ

Gifts PDF