Weekend SC Training


Weekend Spirit Circle Training


 You’ve been invited to this page because you have either been assigned to be a Weekend Spirit Circle co-leader for the first time OR you have been in this role before, but would like a refresher on your responsibilities. The following video was created to give you an overview of the role as it unfolds on the Weekend. It is important that you take the time to view the training so you come to the Weekend feeling somewhat prepared. There will be time on Friday (before the missioners arrive) to meet with the other leader(s) for your Weekend Spirit Circle, as well as to receive training for any other roles you have been assigned on the Weekend.


Bless you and thank you for your “Yes!” to staffing a Women’s Walk With Christ Weekend!


If you’re interested in following along with the training video you can download the training PDF HERE.


Please watch the 40 minute training video:


View video directly on YouTube HERE.


If you have any questions about staffing or your specific staff role please email Sue Ham.