Giving a testimonial is another way of doing our healing work. Testimonials can be a powerful means of God’s grace for staff and Missioners alike, leading women into trust, surrender, and healing. The primary purpose of WWWC Weekend testimonials is to help prepare the Missioners to do their personal healing work. To this end the staff woman who gives a testimonial:


As part of every Women’s Walk With Christ Weekend, individual staff women volunteer to prepare a Testimony to speak about their lived experience of one of the five wounds:

We also have staff women speak about their experiences in their Bridge/Spirit Circle and about living in mission (mission statement).


The Process (updated for 2023):

You don’t walk alone when you write your testimony for a Weekend. Each woman who prepares a testimonial is paired with a testimonial facilitator who leads her through the writing process.

The speaker’s responsibilities are to:


Eligibility: While every woman has stories that are worthy of being shared, we have established the following criteria, for this staff role.

The volunteer...


For more information on Testimonials, eligibility questions, or to volunteer to do this important work, please email: Christy Willard