Donate To Our Ministry

A Women’s Walk With Christ Weekend is a gift to Christian women. Because of your generosity to this ministry over the years, God has faithfully used it to heal and transform women’s lives.

       Give because no woman, Missioner or Staff, is ever turned away because she is unable to pay.

       Give because your donations help pay for the facilities and supplies needed to host Weekends and Bridges.

       Give so our ministry can continue to grow each year and reach more women.

       Give to support new projects, like redesigning our website, to make it easier for women to find us.

       Give because WWWC needs your donation, too. Our finances are completely separate from MMFC.

Even a small donation enables WWWC to continue walking with women in their healing and transformation.


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Made payable to “Women’s Walk With Christ”

WWWC, P.O. Box 28, Arvada, CO 80001



Women’s Walk With Christ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible!


How Can You Help?     

                          $10            pays for a Jerusalem cross and a water bottle for a Missioner on the Weekend
                          $40            pays for the monthly maintenance of the website
                          $50            pays for charms for a Bridge
                          $200          pays for the financial assistance for one Staff ($175 – $210)
                          $285          pays for the financial assistance for one Missioner
                          $450          pays for a plane ticket for a woman to staff out-of-state
                          $1,500       pays for an average plane ticket for a woman to staff in Europe
                          $2,900       pays for the Jerusalem crosses for the year
                          $13,000     pays average cost for a Weekend (facility, food, copies, charms, etc.)