God has you alive today for a purpose. The truth is you are reading these words here and now not by accident. We know that we live in a world broken by sin. Every woman is, in some way, a wounded woman.  But Jesus desires our healing. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. James 5:15.

Women’s Walk With Christ is a ministry based in Denver, Colorado, whose mission is walking with women in their healing and transformation in Christ. It is a sister ministry to Marked Men For Christ. Our vision is to create an environment for women where God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can restore us to wholeness through the grace of Jesus Christ.

It all starts with a weekend – 44 hours. We have seen God change lives in those 44 hours.  He has changed each of our lives. This website is an invitation for your discernment. Ask now: Is God calling you to a deeper healing, a greater wholeness, a richer life lived in mission to our Lord Jesus Christ? Here is a list of all of our upcoming weekends:

2019 Weekends

**Registration is temporarily closed for all 2019 weekends.

  • January 4-6, 2019 – Hickory, North Carolina
  • January 25-27, 2019 – YMCA Estes Park, CO
  • April 5-7, 2019 – Estes Park, Colorado
  • May 17-19, 2019 – Malvern, Pennsylvania
  • May 31 – June 2, 2019 – Germany
  • September 13-15, 2019 – Hickory, North Carolina
  • October 11-13, 2019 – Austria
  • November 1-3, 2019 – Estes Park, Colorado

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(Board and Management Team)